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Cash In On Rewards For Fugitives


Often, when people give fugitive information Global Fugitives that leads to the apprehension of a fugitive, they receive a reward. Rewards for fugitives depend on the individual case, but once they have fugitive warrants out, your fugitive tips can help our fugitive task force bring them in and that means you usually get something for your trouble, if you’re interested.

When we have a new fugitive poster, you’ll see it on our home page. We will usually mention if there is a fugitive reward. If you’ve seen one of the people on our site, be sure to let us or another authority know. We’ve made it very simple, just fill out this form. If your info lets us make use of our fugitive warrants, you may be eligible for some cash, depending on the case. Not all of our cases are rewarded and the amount depends greatly on the case.

We appreciate the extra help and fugitive information. It’s often difficult to track those on the run, especially when they change their name, appearance and possibly even country. That’s why we offer rewards for fugitives. Our fugitive task force can act on your fugitive tips and make sure these guys make it to their trials, as they should have before running. We have fugitive warrants on everyone featured on this site, so let us know if you believe you’ve seen any of them.

Never try to stop or bring in a fugitive yourself. Even those not wanted for violent crimes can be dangerous. Instead, send us your tip by filling out this form about anyone on our fugitive poster page. If there is a fugitive reward, you can leave contact info so we can let you know if your tip lets us execute our fugitive warrants and make sure they are apprehended.