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All the faces you see to the following pages are global fugitives who have outstanding warrants for arrest because they have skipped bail. 

We’re in the business of bail recovery and with a fugitive warrant in hand, a bail bond agent can go after these criminals. Fugitive recovery is tricky work and often we need a helping hand. That’s where you come in. If you’ve seen one of the people with an outstanding warrant, let us know and our bail enforcement agents can go after them.

These are people who have been arrested for specific crimes, which are listed below their photos. After they were arrested, a bail bond agent paid their bail in exchange for a percentage of the bail. Unfortunately, if they don’t show up at court, the bail isn’t returned to the bondsman and a fugitive warrant is issued.

We can track down those with an outstanding warrant, but it takes a lot of work and some of them are very good at blending into society again. They may change their names, change their appearance (dye hair, gain or lose weight, shave or grow facial hair, etc.) and they can be very difficult to find, even with a fugitive warrant out on them. Some even head to another country, crossing the border with false ID and making a home for themselves in another area. We can go after them with warrants for arrest.

Unfortunately, just because someone runs, doesn’t mean they stop what they were doing. Someone arrested for fraud is likely to start up a new scam in another state, which means more people will be hurt in their deals. That’s why our bail enforcement agents are specialized in fugitive recovery, to bring these people back into custody. Bail recovery can be dangerous, so don’t try to catch these fugitives yourself. Contact us by 
sending us a tip report and a bail bond agent will check it out. If your tip is good, and our fugitive recovery agent makes full bail recovery and apprehends the fugitive, you could be eligible for a reward as a thank you for helping with our bail bond recovery. 


Contact us today if you know the whereabouts of these global fugitives. 


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